David Segal, The Washington Post, writes:

You know about the great Live Concert Moment, right? I’m not talking about the kind of show where you leave thinking, “Those guys rule!” and then buy a T-shirt. I’m talking about total-body bliss, a rush so strong it turns brain cells into Jell-O and, for a moment or two, you sort of leave your skin. Art lovers would probably argue that they get the same feeling by looking at a great painting, but they’re fools, and you should ignore them. A good part of what I’m talking about here is sheer volume. A painting can be many things, but it will never make your ears ring.


The Internet Archive reports:

The Live music archive just received its 10,000th concert recording! Congratulations and thanks to the etree community and the artists and bands that have a made this a fantastic repository of creative works.

Paulo Amorim, The Associated Press (via MSNBC) reports:

Former Beatle says he used cocaine during ‘Pepper’ sessions

Paul McCartney said the Beatles’ song “Got to Get You Into My Life” was directly about marijuana.

LONDON - Paul McCartney says he got no thrill from heroin, but found cocaine more to his liking for a time.