March 2001

Advertising: A girl walks up to a guy at a party and says, “I’m really good in bed. Let’s Go!”
Marketing: A girl walks up to a guy at a party and says, “I’m really good in bed. What are you interested in?”
Public Relations: A guy walks up to a girl at a party and says, “So, I hear you’re really good in bed…”

George Hunter (The Detroit News) reports, “Tempest Smith, age 12, sat alone in her bedroom one chilly morning late last month and gazed into the mirror. Shortly before her classes were to start at Lincoln Park (MI) Middle School, she kissed her reflection goodbye. The lipstick smudges still adorn Tempest’s mirror, sad reminders of the day the tall, troubled girl slipped a leopard-print scarf around her neck and hanged herself from her bunk bed.”

Tell me… am I ALL YOUR BASE or NOT? For Great Justice!!! is designed and intended solely for organisms high enough in the food chain to appreciate the beauty of wanton marine life and hardcore crustacea.
The materials available on this website include graphic visual depiction’s and descriptions of a fishy nature.
The site should NOT be accessed by spawn, whitebait, sprats, winkles, or anyone who may find this material offensive.


A TI-99/4A was the first computer I ever owned. The boot screen sure brings back memories! Hunt The Wumpus was a great a game!