June 2006

On #pfsense (FreeNode)

5:05 PM
MxxCon: what about elacoya
ttub: your isps using it?
MxxCon: don't know
MxxCon: they are fucking around w/ bittorent traffic
ttub: well that stuff is killing things for us good citizens

What is Elacoya?

Photo: problem in the library
Flickr, via BoingBoing

Photo: Scope Eyes
From the HAMEG web site.

Thomas Mennecke, Slyck.com, reports:

On May 31, 2006, BitTorrent as many people know it came to a grinding halt. The Swedish National Criminal Police raided Rex|Port80, the home of The Pirate Bay and at least 200 other domains. The raid disrupted The Pirate Bay, throwing much of the BitTorrent community into chaos.

However, this bewilderment would prove temporary as The Pirate Bay is once again online. True to its defiant nature, The Pirate Bay is again indexing many of the same .torrent files that made it wildly popular.

News of The Pirate Bay’s resurrection comes as little surprise. The Pirate Bay spokesperson “brokep” promised Slyck.com the site would resolve under a different country’s flag if an immediate resolution could not be reached in Sweden.

“We are not sure when it will return, but we are moving it to another country if necessary,” brokep told Slyck.com.

It appears The Pirate Bay has made good on its promise, as it has reestablished itself in the Netherlands. Currently, its indexing capabilities are somewhat reduced from its former self, however should improve once news spreads of its resurrection.