February 2001

WASHINGTON - The genetic revolution made possible by mapping the human genome may include new cures for drug addiction, restoring health to the mentally ill and, perhaps, one day replacing prisons with pills, experts say. . . . “Some physicians already regard criminality as a disease,” Dr. McGuffin said. Treating crime with pills “is a possibility” if researchers can find a genetic basis for some of the human impulses that underlie some crimes, he said.
—Cincinnati Post, Feb. 11, 2001

Another good HUT prank involved park benches in Helsinki. I don’t remember what year this was, but the story goes somewhat like this:

“Of course, the whole house of cards would have come falling to the ground if Derrida had just come out with it plainly in the first place, and the rest of the money could have been spent on something worthwhile like bread and circuses.”
—Johnny Deadman