Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 01:53:33 -0700
From: ‘BlueHost Support’ ()

Dear Bluehost Customer,

This evening (July 14th) from about 5:25pm-6:55pm many of our servers
were offline causing significant downtime for many of our users. The
outage was due to a severe power outage in the north end of Orem, Utah
where our servers are located. We do have UPS backup as well as diesel
generators, but at about 5:30 they finally gave out. The power outage
was for much longer than that period of time, but the reserve power
was eventually consumed in its entirety. When it rains it pours.

For users on box65-box145 there have been periodic problems with the
Redhat linux kernel that we were using that was causing problems with
the filesystem that your data is stored on. This issue has been causing
periodic problems for users on those boxes. In the last few days we have
resolved that issue which also caused those boxes to require a reboot.

The downtime is extremely regretable. We apologize profusely for the
inconvenience to our customers and in turn to those who were trying to visit
your sites during the outage. With the fixes we have put in place in the
last few days coupled with other upgrades you should experience MUCH
better uptime in the future.

Thanks for you patience,

Matt Heaton / President