Andy Lines,, reports:

ROCK star Morrissey has revealed he was quizzed by the FBI and Special Branch over his criticism of the US and Britain.

Morrissey, 46, has previously branded George Bush a terrorist and blasted the Iraq war.

The ex-Smiths singer, who lives in Los Angeles, said: “The FBI and Special Branch have investigated me and I’ve been interviewed and taped.

“They were trying to determine if I was a threat to the government and similarly in England.

“It didn’t take them long to realise I’m not.”

The star, who said he did not belong to any political group, claimed it showed neither the UK nor America was truly democratic.

He added: “You can’t really speak your mind and if you do, you’re investigated.”

In 2004, Morrissey claimed Mr Bush had made America the world’s most “neurotic and terrorobsessed country”.

Earlier that year, he told a Dublin gig he wished Mr Bush had died instead of Ronald Reagan.