Hainan special zone newspaper, via Xinhuanet, via Rense, reports: (babelfish translation)

The tens of thousands of only beautiful butterflies in abundance die on the east line highway, this was reporter yesterday morning “the marvelous sight” which saw with own eyes in the east line highway, but butterfly’s cause of death at present Shang Wu authoritative view.

On 29th 11AM, reporter drives along the east line highway goes to Qionghai. From 8 kilometers place starts, the color variegated death butterfly which the road surface scattered has brought to reporter’s attention. At first reporter thought the partner has the butterfly to hit the automobile windshield but “to perish”, but more proceeds in the road surface the dead butterfly to be more, to 12 kilometers place when has been allowed to use “densely and numerously” to describe.

Reporter place alights in 12 kilometers carefully observes, sees on the urgent parking lane each 12 meters to have 12 dead butterflies, some places quite are centralized, 1 meter long road section has nearly 10, they mostly already died, after the partner has several incapably to kick several also soon died. These butterfly sizes one, including the color is gorgeous. Reporter goes to outside the highway guard rail the vision, has also discovered many dead butterflies in the thick patch of grass, whenever the automobile , has the dead butterfly to get up by the wind zone, at once falls.

Reporter afterwards goes by car the vanguard, along the road all has the massive dead butterflies, will be only then gradually scarce until 23 kilometers later, crossed 24 kilometers place then nearly blind.

Reporter to two patrols high speed road administrative personnels inquired the butterfly the cause of death, they said before had not discovered this kind of situation, possibly is the weather too hotly causes. (End) (Liu Weili will)

(2005-06-30 09:05:56) Manuscript origin: Hainan special zone newspaper