Emma\'s picture was projected on to the flats
Emma\'s picture was projected on to the flats

BBC NEWS, via BoingBoing, reports:

Detectives hope it will help to turn up clues about the death of Emma Caldwell, whose body was found in woods in South Lanarkshire on 8 May.

The image was displayed for four hours on the multi-storey flats in Cumberland Street, Hutchesontown on Monday night.

Police said the site had been chosen as it was visible across areas frequented by Emma and other prostitutes.

The picture, which shows Ms Caldwell half smiling but looking gaunt on a family day out in the countryside, was released by police last week.

Detective Superintendent Willie Johnstone, who is leading the investigation, said: “This is an innovative way of putting a fresh appeal over to the public and it will be very eye-catching.

‘Vital information’

“Someone out there know something and people who see this may be able to provide that vital piece of information that could solve the case.

“As far as we are aware, this is the first time that a law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom has used this type of appeal.”

Emma was last seen on 4 April walking in Butterbiggins Road, Govanhill. She had been living in a women’s hostel in the area.

Published: 2005/05/23 23:13:52 GMT