WABC Eyewitness News’ Marcus Solis

(New York - WABC, Feb. 24, 2005) — A four-alarm fire raged inside an electronics warehouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Eyewitness News’ Marcus Solis reports.

There were tough conditions for the crews still here working on the fire that reached four alarms this afternoon. More than 140 firefighters and 40 pieces of equipment were on the scene.

The good news: There was only one minor injury reported as of news time, though property damage will be high, no doubt.

At the height of the fire, crews were cutting through fences at the navy yard trying to get to the fire inside the B & H Photo Warehouse. That company shares the 3-story space with another electronics company.

As for the cause, Eyewitness News is told that some type of tool, like a sauldering iron or torch, caught cardboard boxes full of television monitors on fire. That was around 3:30 p.m.

Workers said they were surprised how fast it spread. They tried to put it out with fire extinguishers, but it quickly grew out of control.