Lama Michael Conklin, Kagyu Changchub Chuling Buddhist Center, writes, via Snow Lion Publications news:

The Venerable Bokar Rinpoche, our noble Lama, has passed away. The details will become clear with passing time, but for now I offer this as a summary of Ngodrup Burkhar’s report.

After some discomfort with chest pain, a decision was made to send Rinpoche to a hospital in Siliguri for diagnosis and treatment. From Bokar Monastery in Mirik to Siliguri is more than two hours by car. Rinpoche didn’t make it, possibly dying of a heart attack approximately half way between Mirik and Siliguri.

More details will come out in the days ahead. For now, a number of people have already asked how they can honor their connection with Rinpoche and not sink under the weight of their sadness and grief. The key is to make sure you do formal practice. Follow the instructions you’ve received from your Dharma teachers, especially if you received instructions from Bokar Rinpoche.

As a community, a sangha, we will increase our meditation schedule at KCC for the next 49 days. Each evening from Monday through Saturday (Sunday evening will remain the same as it has been), we’ll have meditation practice at the Center from 7:30-8:30 pm. The meditation will include both Shamatha and Chenrezig and may vary a little each evening, along with a possible very short teaching. We’ll begin the evening of August 17.

Michael Conklin
August 17, 2004