kbcjedi writes in the Rumor Mill News Agents Forum :

This article is not about the cause of the Blackout throughout the Northeast but rather my personal observations during the event. The lights went out at 4pm on a bright sunny day, I was walking back from the P.O. I saw traffic stopped on first Ave, I thought nothing of it. My first thought was I should go direct traffic; it might be fun like cutting the lawn the first time. I turned and looked at the intersection at 23rd st, someone had beat me to it.

By the time I got home, I realized there was a blackout, I turned the tub on and filled the bathtub and went out to purchase candles. Everything was orderly like nothing special had happened, I bought candles at the regular price, no price gouging, got a couple gallons of water (same thing).

When it got dark, there was no martial law invoked, people filled the streets drinking like at Mardi Gras. I witnessed no violence or looting on any level, people rather than frightened took it as an opportunity to relax, and just enjoy the event. It was like being in the wild on Safari.

At Union Square, the source of the anti-war movement in NYC, something like a Rave broke out with Tribal drumming that extended into the morning. Hundreds of People brought out blankets and candles and slept in the Park. If you needed help, you just asked. The same phenomena occured during the week of 9-11 albeit with a little more intensity and of course fear. There was no fear this time at all, more like elation.

In the 70’s the last time there was a blackout, there were riots, looting, murders and rapes a plenty, this time nothing.

Despite what may be being propagated by the media/entertainment machine, the exact opposite reality is manifesting before us, it is only being held in place by the electronic prison, it is a supeficial form of control that will not last much longer. Crisis determines the nature of the Man; and on two accounts I have witnessed a mass spontaneous expression of Love, courage and Compassion.