Coalition Against War and Racism

End the Occupation of Iraq! Bring the Troops Home Now!

When: Noon, Saturday, August 23
Where: Federal Plaza - Adams & Dearborn
(This action will include a march to Chicago’s north side.)


  • The war in Iraq is NOT over. The U.S. has lost more troops in the second Gulf war than in the first — and the body count is rising daily.
  • Bush lied. Thousands of Iraqi died for a falsehood — non-existant weapons of mass destruction — and millions suffer from lack of water, food, shelter, the most basic human needs.
  • Politically connected companies like Haliburton, Brown & Root, Boeing and Bechtel are making millions as war profiteers, while U.S. troops and Iraqi civilions become mired in a deepening cycle of violence and hopelessness.
  • State governments are broke and officials are gutting health care and education — while military spending is soaring and our tax dollars bankroll the largest military machine in history.
  • The U.S. government continues to aggressively recruit Black and Latino youth for its war machine, while denying affirmative action to them at home and ignoring a national epidemic of police violence against people of color. This is a racist war in all aspects.
  • The Pentagon brass has told soldiers they could be court martialed for telling the truth about whats really going on in Iraq. While morale sinks lower daily, G.I.s are told they may not come home for months or longer, and we are now being told that the U.S. military occupation of Iraq may last for years.

(via Chiocago IndyMedia)