Leica announces the new MP, “The LEICA MP is a tool. Made by hand, created for the photographers craft. Tailored to the decisive photographic parameters. In compact form, with clean design, clearly laid out. Unobtrusive, quiet, reliable. Concentrated technology for concentrated photography, without distraction by automation. For pictures that only a photographer can see, compose and record. Modern, because it captures the present. Current, because all its features have been optimized. Traditional, because it builds on the accumulated experiences of the pioneer in 35 mm camera construction. Not a photographic whim, but a camera for life.”

* Typically M

The whisper-quiet, purely mechanical shutter of the LEICA MP permits vibration-free exposures. In combination with the compact, extremely fast Leica lenses it discreetly delivers the best pictorial results, even under poor light conditions. In addition, the consistent policy of system compatibility permits the use of virtually every M lens that was ever made.

* Reduced to what is essential

The camera concept of the LEICA MP is tailored to the decisive photographic parameters sharpness, shutter speed and aperture. The camera thus enables the photographer to concentrate fully on the job at hand, without being distracted by automation. The photographer is entirely free to exercise his creativity directly.

* 100% mechanical

Everyone who values optical/mechanical perfection and robustness will love the LEICA MP. By means of the use of high- rade materials and complex fabrication processes, the MP is designed for extreme longevity. The MP is independent of batteries and all its operating elements are made of metal,
so that it withstands heavy duty use under extreme conditions. The compact manual film advance attachment LEICAVIT-M and the rewind crank are purely mechanical accessories that make the LEICA MP an even greater high performer.

* Built-in experience

The LEICA MP is manufactured by hand, tailored to
the craft of the photographer. It embodies the essence
of more than 50 years of experience in optics
and mechanical design. Every component of the
camera was analysed and improved meticulously.
The optimised rangefinder facilitates highly accurate
focusing, even under difficult light conditions. Leica
offers a guarantee of up to five years to registered
owners. In addition all services and replacement
parts are guaranteed to be available for at least
30 years at the Leica Customer Service Department.